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Multi-Zone Process Control
The evolutionary SR Mini System from TC Ltd bridges the PC/MMI/PLC gap for multi-zone temperature and process control and data acquisition. Offering very low cost simple solutions for sophisticated control and data acquisition applications, the SR Mini System is a miniature, multi zone, temperature and process control, monitoring and alarm system.

Because the SR Mini is bilingual and can communicate both in serial ASCII code and in ladder logic, the system is fast, flexible, interconnectable, secure and easily linked to a PC and/or MMI and/or PLC without the need for changes in software or time consuming configuration. With modular construction and DIN rail mounting, the SR Mini System is space saving and easy to install, configure, commission and operate.

Inputs range from 1 to 320 channels of thermocouple, RTD and analogue process control including alarm and current monitoring. Each loop provides at low cost the same standard of advanced high performance PID control, monitoring and data acquisition normally associated with traditional, sophisticated temperature and process controllers - all on a single communications link with
high speed data handling. A simple to use, auto configuring Windows supervisory software programme is supplied free of charge for 21 days evaluation from activation. Other SCADA packages are also available.

Expansion is seamless with the SR Mini System both in capacity and from simple control functions to integration into factory automation systems: additional modules can be plugged in without the need for further configuring or programming. The SR Mini is supplied complete with software in place for exporting data to most popular spreadsheets e.g. Excel.

At last... Communicating multi-zone process control with simple connection to a PC &/or PLC &/or MMI.
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