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Miniature Temperature Sensors
A range of fast response temperature sensors ideal for demanding, precision measurement applications is now available from TC Ltd. They are designed for use in areas where the temperature changes are rapid and so require a sensor capable of tracking these sudden changes accurately and reliably.

The range includes ultra fast response thermocouple sensors with a sheath diameter of 0.25mm as well as high accuracy 4-wire Pt100 sensors (RTD’s), which due to our exceptional manufacturing techniques, can now be made as small as 0.5mm diameter.

A mineral insulated fabrication ensures that these miniature sensors are extremely flexible whilst retaining a rugged and durable construction. They have been designed specifically for use where the response, size and robustness of the sensor are paramount.
Sensors can be supplied to cover a temperature range of -100 to +800°C and can be supplied with UKAS calibration certificates. A range of sensors is available from stock or custom built to order within 4-days.

A NEW range of Miniature Temperature Sensors for demanding applications is now available.
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