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Multi Channel Dataloggers
Tel. 01895 252222. International. +44 1895 252222
Melt Bolt Thermocouple
Robust Plastic Melt thermocouple available from stock
ATEX Transmitters
TC has launched a new range of microprocessor based ATEX approved 4 to 20mA temperature transmitters in both a head mount and a DIN rail mount format ... more
ATEX Approved temperature transmitters
Tiny Temperature Controller
Our new Tiny low cost 1/32 Din Temperature Controller measuring just 24mm high by 48mm wide making it ideal where panel space is critical yet maximum control performance is required ... more
Tiny Temperature Controllers
A sophisticated but easy-to-use range of portable temperature calibrators for precise, repeatable calibration of temperature sensors and associated instrumentation is now available from TC Direct ... more
Temperature Calibrators for all applications
Thermocouple Connectors
Get Connected with TC Direct
Miniature Temperature Sensors
A range of fast response, flexible mineral insulated thermocouple sensors ideal for demanding, precision temperature measurement applications is now available from TC Ltd. ... more
Miniature Thermocouple Temperature Sensors
Aerograde surface temperature sensors
A breakthrough in surface temperature measurement
Gun Style Infrared Thermometers
TC Direct has expanded it’s range of non-contact surface temperature measuring instruments with a new range of gun style non contact infrared thermometers ... more
NEW! Gun style Infrared Thermometers
The SR Mini has been successfully used in the latest experiments by JET - the world's biggest machine for studying fusion - at the Culham Science Centre in Abingdon, Oxfordshire ... more
SR Mini system maximises fusion data
Hi Temp Magnetic temperaure sensors
This versatile magnet sensor from TC is suitable for high temperature measurements on ferrous surfaces up to a maximum of 480°C ... more
NEW! High temperature magnetic thermocouple
Fit & Forget™ Autoclave temperature sensors
TC Direct have launched a new range of Fit and Forget™ thermocouple sensors specifically designed to meet the harsh and demanding environments found in the autoclave chambers of sterilizers. ...more

High Temperature Ceramic thermocouple connectors
TC Direct has a new range of high temperature ceramic miniature and standard size thermocouple connectors available from stock. ...more

Miniature bearing temperature sensors
A range of high accuracy, miniature temperature sensors designed specifically for use in bearing shoe applications to give a reliable indication of bearing wear and oil film breakdown through continuous monitoring of temperature have been developed by TC Direct. ...more

SR Mini system maximises fusion data

TC Direct website open for business

Aerograde™ - A breakthrough in surface temperature measurement

Multi Channel Temperature Control in one easy to use instrument

NEW! Lab Calibrator - The perfect laboratory companion

NEW! Gun style Infrared Thermometers

At last... Communicating multi-zone process control with simple connection to a PC &/or PLC &/or MMI

Complete range of hand held temperature sensors

NEW! High temperature magnetic thermocouple

NEW! Heavy duty magnetic temperature sensors

TC has the measure of surface temperature

Chemicals and Oils are no match for PFA thermowells

NEW! Vacuum Furnace thermocouple and sealing assembly

Self adhesive labels indicate temperature

High Performance non contact infrared temperature measurement

Highly accurate temperature and process control - in an instant!

NEW! Large displays can be seen over 110 metres away!

Humidity and temperature control made simple

Miniature ceramic thermocouple connectors

Pen style infrared thermometer completes a new range of sensors

Get pressure under control

DIN Rail mounting SSR Relays from TC Direct

DIN Rail mounting temperature controllers

Specialist swaged tip thermocouples and resistance thermometers
These sensors have been specifically designed to withstand the high pressures found within the nozzles of plastics extruders and injection moulding machines and are manufactured under stringent guidelines ... more
Comprehensive thermocouple connector systems for every application are now available from stock including standard and miniature connectors, hi temp connectors and multiway connector systems ... more
Widely used in the aerospace industry for dynamic testing of composite structures, the innovative Aerograde™ cement-on thermocouple from TC is a lightweight surface temperature sensor ... more
TC Ltd for Temperature Sensing, Measurement & Control