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The FB400 and FB900 are high performance, flexible temperature and process controllers. Standard functions include selectable input sampling time, selectable instrument control type, enhanced autotuning techniques and a data loading port which simplifies configuration and can also be used for data logging ... more
FB Range
These low cost, powerful and versatile three term controllers feature dual display of set and process values in addition to an extensive range of inputs, outputs and alarm options. These easy to use instruments are available with either AC or DC power supplies and each instrument comes with a five year warranty as standard ... more
CB Range
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This modular DIN rail mounting SRV temperature control system can provide up to 62 advanced PID channels. It can be easily installed, saving space and installation time over conventional panel mounted instruments. A choice of ANSI or Modbus protocols allows these instruments to be simply connected to a PC or PLC ... more
The SA200 is a miniature temperature controller which can also be used as a process indicator. Measuring just 24 x 48mm, it is packed with features. The SA200 is popular in a variety of applications such as in the packaging or plastics industries, in fact anywhere where space is a premium! It is available with either AC or DC power supplies and each instrument comes with a five year warranty! ... more
MA Range
These 4 and 8 channel instruments offer a compact solution to a range of control, monitoring and alarm applications. They are extraordinarily versatile and offer outstanding value for money, effectively providing four or eight individual temperature controllers in one easy to use instrument ... more
The SA100 is a digital temperature controller suitable for both DIN rail or panel mounting. It can also be used as a process indicator. It is ideal for in-cabinet installations for either control or trip applications. Two outputs may be specified and configured by the user for control, retransmission or alarm functions ... more
SR Mini
The SR Mini System comprises a Power Supply and Central Processor Model (PCP Module), each of which can support up to ten Control, Alarm or Monitoring Modules (System Module). Seamless expansion is then achieved simply by the addition of further PCP Modules and associated System Modules... more
The AE500 temperature indicator and the AD410 temperature and process indicator provide a flexible solution for applications requiring accurate indication with up to six alarms and with communication functions. The instruments are easy to configure and install and are available with either AC or DC power supplies. Each instrument comes with a five year warranty as standard! ... more
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