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SRV Modular Temperature Control System
Communication with the modules is RS485 (2 wire, half duplex connection). A choice of Modbus and ANSI X 3.28 protocols is available which allows these instruments to be simply connected to a PC or PLC.
Space Saving
The system comprises a dual channel basic module which provides power and communication for up to 30 additional dual loop extension modules.
Measurement Accuracy
The SRV system features a ±0.3% of process value accuracy.
The SRV control system features Brilliant™ PID with autotuning. Brilliant™ PID allows an optimum response to both setpoint and process changes.
Low Power Consumption
The SRV system features a new design of power supply and control circuit requiring only 21 Watts of power for a 20 channel system. Energy consumption is kept low and the generated heat inside the control panel is reduced.
Two alarms are provided as standard. Temperature, process or deviation and loop break alarm may be selected. Alarm output is provided by communications data and the optional event output connector.
Heater Break Alarm
In the event of heater failure this option provides an alarm output within the communication data. A matching current transducer, available from TC Ltd., is required for this option.
A wide range of thermocouple, resistance thermometer, voltage and current inputs are available.
Relay, SSR, voltage and current outputs are available for heat and heat/cool action.
Safe and Easy to use
The modules are powered by a 24V DC supply and hinged terminal covers are supplied as standard. The interleaved terminal arrangement provides easy access for wiring.
 Up to 62 advanced PID

 Space saving with less wiring.

 Safe and easy to use.

Brilliant™ PID control for
  exceptional control stability.

 Digital communications (both
  ANSI and Modbus protocols).

 Low power consumption.

 High speed sampling time SRX
  system available
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