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The FB Range of Advanced Temperature and Process Controllers
The FB400/900 feature Brilliant™  PID with autotuning and a choice of control algorithm for fixed setpoint, ramping setpoint and cascade control applications.
Measurement Accuracy
The FB400 and FB900 feature a measurement accuracy of better than ±0.1% of span.
Sampling Time
Selectable input sampling times of 50, 100 and 250mseconds enable the FB range to be used for a wide range of applications from fast pressure or flow control to precision temperature control.
Selectable Control Type
The control type may be configured by the user for heat, cool, heat/cool and valve motor drive.
Enhanced Autotuning
In addition to the standard ‘single shot’ autotuning a fast start up autotuning function is included which may be used at process start up or continuously depending on the application.
A wide range of thermocouple, resistance thermometer, current and voltage inputs are user selectable.
Relay, SSR, current, voltage and open collector outputs are available.
Loading Port for Simple Configuration and Data Logging
The FB400/900 control and parameter settings may be downloaded using a PC. During this operation it is not necessary to power the instrument as power is supplied by the USB port.
Instrument Monitoring and Data Logging
The loader port may also be used for data logging using the free software supplied. Data can be exported in .csv format. Graphic display and trend functions are also included.
Additional Communications
In addition to the standard loader port, ANSI and Modbus communications are also available for RS232, 485 and 422. A second RS485 communication port may be used for inter-controller communication for the following applications: temperature profile self-learning where temperature rate of rise will be automatically controlled to avoid uneven heating rates, temperature ratio setting for master/slave remote setpoint applications and cascade control.
Memory Area Location of Set and other values
The FB range can store up to eight groups of setpoint, alarm values and PID control terms. Selection of each group may be accessed from the front panel or remotely using digital input contacts or communication.
Programme Control
By linking memory areas and using the setpoint ramping and soak time parameters it is possible to use the FB400/900 as a programmer controller.
Power Feed Forward (PFF)
This option constantly monitors the electrical load through a dedicated transformer. The instruments control output is then automatically adjusted to compensate for fluctuations in the power supply.
 High accuracy of 0.1%

Selectable sampling times

Enhanced Autotuning

Communication and Data
   Logging Loading Port

Universal Input

Space saving 60mm depth

Low Power Consumption

Auto / Manual

Fit and Forget™ technology
  with a 5 year warranty
Free Guide: Temperature Control Data
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