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Temperature Indicators/Monitors
The AE500 can be specified for thermocouple or resistance thermometers or voltage/current inputs. The AD410 has a universal input and can be configured by the user for thermocouple, resistance thermometer as well as voltage or current inputs.
The AE500 and  AD410 have up to four or six low cost process alarms respectively which can be specified and configured by the user. In addition, on the AD410, alarm interlocking (latching), alarm energisation and alarm delay time may be easily programmed for each alarm output. Optional external input contacts allow a latched alarm to be remotely reset.
Process Value Bias  
This option allows the measured object temperature to be offset on the display to compensate for errors due to difficulties in correct placement of the sensor.
Data Security
Non volatile memory and set data lock prevents loss or inadvertent change of data due to power failure or incorrect operation.
Analogue Output Option
A range of isolated DC voltage and current outputs which can be configured by the user is available for the AD410. On the AE500 current outputs are available.
Maximum and Minimum Process Value Memory
The AD410 stores the highest and the lowest process values which can be easily viewed using the front panel operating keys. The optional digital contact input enables the stored values to be remotely reset.
Contact Inputs
A two point volt free contact input may be specified for the AD410 for Max and Min memory reset and Interlocked Alarm Reset.
RS485 communication for the AE500 and RS485/422A communication for the AD410 allow these indicators to be connected to PCs and PLCs. With this feature up to 32 instruments can be connected to a single communication port.
Input Selector Switch Boxes
A range of push button operated horizontal or vertical selector boxes is available for use with all signal input types. These SP400/SP500 switch boxes are 1/8 DIN format 48x96x100mm or 96x48x100mm in size.
Power Supply
This option for the AE500 and AD410 provides a power supply to power the channel identification LED display on the matching SP400/SP500 switch boxes.
Waterproof and Dustproof Version 
An IP66 version of the AE500 is available.
Optional Front Plastic Cover
An optional front plastic cover is available which protects the instrument face.
A choice of 85/264V AC or 24V AC/DC supplies is available.
 Universal input.

 Wide variety of alarm types.

 RS485/422A Communications

 Analogue output available.

Fit and Forget™ technology
  with a 5 year warranty.
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